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After my first steps on the spot and against the wind at the Mimenbühne Dresden by Ralf Herzog I finished the study of mime/pantomime at the school of performing arts "Die Etage e.V." (Berlin). I acquired the skills of the pantomime technique, ballet and modern dance, acrobatics and acting, the techniques of mime corporal dramatique, mask playing (neutral mask, Commedia dell ´Arte) and discovered my love for the clowns. My physical expression in these years was especially affected by Anke Gerber, Oliver Pollak, Wolfram von Bodecker and Oleg Zhukovskiy. After this time I extended my voice expression in an one year vocal education by Nena Brzakovic and had an intensive examination with dance acrobatics and partnering, contact impro and tango, axis syllabus with influences of African dance, martial arts and butoh, various contemporary dance styles and the buffoons. For a long time I was accompanied by the Body Weather – Training of Elias Cohen, which contains elements of Kung-Fu, Aikido, Bharata Natyam, Kalaripayattu, Capoeira, Contact Dance, Tao Shiatsu and Tuina.
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Theater Anu, Die Orangenfrau
projects “mask juggling”  Grotesque facial acrobatics in the mask studio … til the laughter stuck into the throat. A mimic etude and free interpretation of M. Marceau.
collaboration with dance theater DEREVO "The fifth Sun" 2012 under direction of Anton Adasinsky "Stained Glass Window Part I" 2010 under direction of Tanja Khabarova Theater Magica "Tarantella – a fairy tale cocoon" 2012 "Light woman and Lamp man" 2011 Compagnie Le Régal de l´Empereur 2013 "Imperial" preview with Tom Quaas under direction of Christine Nicod "Tramp" mime-music collaboration with the non-profit help-yourself-concept MObiL with Tobias Morgenstern 2013 die unvergesslichen 2019 „Hollywood Bride”
Theatre La Pushkin 2012 "pesni s zemli" or "The song of the earth" with Oleg Zhukovskiy The very moment, a step backwards and one in front. The foot touches the grass. Love, death and the question What comes after? connect here and now. A piece of mime, dance, theater with folk music.
Jens Finke 2007 - 2012 "Madame Danza and Mister Zack" clowns duo and comical theater
Das Letzte Kleinod 2011 "The Stick War" historical production at the North Sea
productions "5th International Picturebook Festival" production assistence, Müncheberg 2017 "Culture Train Berlin-Wroclaw" production assistence, Berlin 2017 "Time Lag" conception, Dresden 2017 "Cat Bond" conception, Dresden 2017 "Play on Time"/"Imagine" conception, Dresden 2016/2017 "World without us" conception, Dresden 2016/2017 "Change"/"Time Trip" conception, Portugal 2016 "calendar"/"Play of Time" Oldenburg/Dresden 2015 "Play with the time" Haus der Demokratie, Leipzig 2015 "Globo" conception, Dresden 2014 "Play Time" Dresden 2014 "Lucky Hans" Breschke & Schuch, Dresden 2013 "Boulevard of real Illusions" Varieté, Potsdam 2010 "Life is beautiful" Dillinger Theater, Berlin 2010 "Don´t forget to pour!" Compagnia Mimas, Berlin/Ostsee 2009 … and site – specific – productions
direction & choreography in Theater am Rand "Love is Art" with Gabriela Schwab 2013 "About the Snow" with lyrics of Durs Grünbein 2009, 2010
coaching "Doctor against Will" St. Pauli Theaterruine Dresden 2013 "Servant of two Masters" St. Pauli Theaterruine Dresden 2012 "Artists" teaching assignment at the University of Film & TV, Potsdam – Babelsberg 2010 "George Dandin" Lazzo Mortale, Hexenkessel Hoftheater Berlin 2009
"From Dark to Light" ensemble production with Tobias Morgenstern 2010 - 2012
How about a time coupon? Because liberties are limited for preserving equal liberties, rights and chances for everyone throughout all generations.
"momo upcycled"
Theater Anu 2009 - 2012 performer in "The Big Journey" theater in public space
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Tim Schreiber 2004 - 2008